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  • theatlantic:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson Isn’t Mad at America, But He Is Disappointed

    Since the Apollo era of the 60s, NASA’s budget has been steadily shrinking. And our national fascination with space has been declining along with it. Neil deGrasse Tyson wants to turn things around. As does Bill Nye. As does astronaut Leroy Chiao. As does Paul Hildebrandt.

    Hildebrandt is the director of a proposed documentaryFight for Space, a feature-length film exploring the future of the space program. Proposed on Kickstarter, the project - with 22 days left - is less than $10,000 away from its $65,000 funding goal. It has, so far, more than 1,400 funders.

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  • This is fucking awesome. You might remember Aaron Draplin from a rant entitled America Is F*cked… (Graphically at least). Check ‘em both out.


    Trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s new movie!

  • Bombay by El Guincho

    Possibly the best music video ever!

  • Do not go see this joke of a remake!

  • Hate Comes to Orange County (via Khoi Vin)

    On Sunday, February 13, 2011, ICNA Relief (an American Muslim relief organization) held a dinner event in Yorba Linda, CA to raise money for women’s shelters, and to help relieve homelessness and hunger in the U.S.

    A few hundred protesters showed up, harassing those attending as they walked to and from the event hall. Elected officials also attended and spoke at the protest.

    I have an idea. Since it’s so hard to get citizenship in the United States, can we just adopt a policy where we trade our unwanted, ignorant, piece of shit assholes for people who actually understand and appreciate what it means to live in America.

    I absolutely feel nothing but hate for this protesters.

  • Comme Des Enfants by Couer de Pirate

    "Marry me!"