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  • Tag tip for theme designers


    If you’re using {TagsAsClasses} to apply special formatting to posts with certain tags, you might not want those particular tags showing up on your blog or on the Dashboard.  Luckily, tags prefixed with an underscore, like “_promo”, will only appear in {TagsAsClasses} (with the underscore removed).  Ta-da!

    Great, and with Tumblr’s stellar tag management capabilities (and by capabilities I mean going back post by post and changing the tags one by one) I’ll be able to change tags like “audio”, “video” and “chat” to “_audio”, “_video” and “_chat” just so people can half-heartedly sort by post type and be non-the-wiser for it on their dashboard (as if anyone leaves the dashboard anyway).

    Does anybody have any questions? Stop Making Sense!

  • Regardless: so what if a website doesn’t have a home link. It’s a tumblelog.

    - dustin hoffman


    i must say, i completely disagree here. a blog, above any kind of static site, should have a VERY easy-to-find home link. it is absolutely necessary, and crippling to omit.

    this is because many, many blogs bring in traffic through a linked post [permalink] and if you want any chance of someone looking at, subscribing to, or promoting your blog- you damn well want them to be able to find the homepage with ease.

    also: assume not everyone is so savvy as to modify the URL to bring them to the main page. and, assume people really don’t give enough of a shit to do that at all.

    …and post by post navigation. I don’t mean page-by-page, I mean post by fucking post.

  • From Tumblr's Staff Blog in 2008, "Getting ready for big updates"


    The most noticeable improvements:

    • The new engine is scoped, so you’ll be able to nest and repeat blocks and variables.
    • The engine uses a new token parser that will support special syntax for API hooks. This will let your theme call back for content, like:
      {​block:Posts type="photo" tagged="spotlight" count="5"}
          <img src="{​PhotoURL width="200"}" />

    Umm…. whatever happened to this? This is not a thing.

  • I think it&#8217;s the black eye that really turns this one.

    I think it’s the black eye that really turns this one.

  • Look at that High Resolution goodness. I&#8217;m declaring war with Photoboard&#8230; just have to release it first.

    Look at that High Resolution goodness. I’m declaring war with Photoboard… just have to release it first.

  • Looking good? &#8230;better?

    Looking good? …better?

  • three frames


    Three frames from a movie put into an animated GIF.


  • crowth


    Well-written combination of political commentary and complete nonsense, including the infamous Friday ‘ditty’.