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    I Think I Like U 2 (Breakbot remix) by Jamaica

    Best new song… gunna use it for good tonight or tomorrow.

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    Lies (Alex Metric Remix) by Fenech Soler

    The other remix of this song turned out to be one of my favorites of the past year, but this one is pretty rad, too.

    Hello, first real Friday in a while!

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    Black & Blue (Netsky Remix) by Miike Snow

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    Everything in its Right Place (Gigamesh / DiscoTech Remix) by Radiohead

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    I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 remix) by Calvin Harris

    (via Living Ears: Best Remixes of 2009)

    Those synth bubbles are bad ass!

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    Signatune (Spiller Remix) by DJ Mehdi

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    YGTL (The XX remix) by Florence + the Machine

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    Pyramid Song (Zeds Dead Remix) by Radiohead

    Kind of changes/grows on you.

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    Want Me (beta) by Me

    I’ve had an ache in my balls for years to turn the intro song from Belly into a bad ass drum and bass song, so I finally started a prototype two nights ago. All really did was extend the intro vocals a little, add an echo to the “However do you want me?” chorus and bring in a synth line… just as a test.

    It’s basically the same as the original until you get about half-way into it, then it just repeats from there. Still, I think it sounds like it’s going to be fucking sick.

    FYI: The original song is Back to Life by Soul II Soul. I’ll post it after I get off work.