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  • is a pain in the ass

    Why? Here’s why:

    1. You have to login every five mother fucking minutes. Close your browser… you have to login again. Close your twitter tab… you have to login again. And on top of that, their login form is set up in such a way that your browser doesn’t even know it exists, meaning it never asks you to remember the password, meaning you have to type it in every single god damn time. Fuck, I hate visiting that site! [shaking my head indicating a deep depressing mind fuck]

    2. Paging through tweets fucking blows! Hard! Trying to find that post about the string theory you wanted to show you’re grandmother? You’ve got a better chance of telling her you don’t believe and God and still being mentioned in the will.

    3. It never, I mean fucking never-ever-ever-ever, redirects you to the page you would assume you want to be redirected to. Login while you’re on another users page, and it redirects you to your profile. Actually visit and it redirects you to some porn stars twitter page because that’s the one you last visited 28 hours ago.

    I don’t hate Twitter because I think it’s useless, I hate Twitter because it’s a fucking web app that is unusable on the web.

  • Mother Fuckers

    I’m too drunk to taste this BBQ pizza. BTW, you can get that, along with BBQ nachos, in Memphis… if you’re ever there.

  • Male abortion


    Melanie McCulley, a South Carolina attorney, coined the term male abortion in 1998, suggesting that a father should be allowed to disclaim his obligations to an unborn child early in the pregnancy.

    McCulley’s male abortion concept aims to equalize the legal status of unwed men and unwed women by giving the unwed man by law the ability to “abort” his rights in and obligations to the child. If a woman decides to keep the child the father may choose not to by severing all ties legally.

    Before I begin my little rant, consider the following:

    1. We both coherently decided to go for a poke, meaning no drugs/alcohol
    2. We are both equally aware of the possible consequences

    Now, let me flip the script and ask you this:

    What if I, as the father, wanted to keep the baby but the mother wanted to abort it? What happens then?

    In my personal opinion, in a purely legal sense, if a woman is able to force me to be responsible for a child for 18 years (even if I’d rather not), I should be able to force her to be pregnant for nine measly months (even if she’d rather not).

    I think that right there should be in the books, and frankly, any other solution to that particular problem would be bullshit.

  • Kenneth “the Page” has become obsolete

    Woke up early, early, early this morning and started catching up on this season’s episodes of 30 Rock when I realized that this used to be my favorite show, but now it’s just a place for Tina Fey & Co. to write one-liners for Tracy Morgan while they try to make Alec Baldwin look as cool as he did in the first two seasons.

    Seasons One and Two were fucking phenomenal, but everything else has just been a ho-hum, glad I saw it but don’t have to watch it again kind of thing.

    Where’s the story? What’s the point?

  • 10, Nine, 8 ½

    Nine is new movie. I was just blown away by the preview. Not because it looks awesome, but because It’s a direct fucking rip-off of Fellini’s 8 ½.

    You’re telling me you’re turning one of the best movies of all time into a fucking musical? That’s like saying let’s do a The Third Man musical with the cast of The Birdcage.

    Rob Marshal can suck my dick! You look like Sylvester Stalone fucked David Lynch you piece of shit.