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    Same Dream China by Gold Panda

    This new Gold Panda album is the fucking bees knees. Don’t kid yourself. Buy it! We need this dude to save the world.

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    Vanilla Minus by Gold Panda

    Esta me gusta. Yo quiero volver a estar en City Hall de nuevo, y yo realmente se amo Gold Panda.

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    Derezzed by Daft Punk

    Unless you prefer not to party, this is the only bangin’ song off an ok Tron soundtrack. It’s much too short, too.

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    Bombay by El Guincho

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    Airflow by Clockwork

    (via Robot Dance Music)

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    Respect This Hustle by T.I.

    Ok… so I used to be a snob about listening to shit like T.I. But some kid made me listen to this song and it’s beat is serious. Doesn’t mean T.I. is the biz, just that I’m drunk and I’m really into this song. Too late?

    (PS: sorry for the silly dude in the background representing himself)

    Update: I came back from Florida, sobered up, uploaded the real version and still can’t stop listening to it.

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    The Bully Plank by Paper Tiger

    Nice freakin’ beat!

    (via dabomb)