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  • The Confederate (Constitution) contained another great idea that would certainly upgrade our own Constitution: it limited the president to a single term of six years. The lousy second-term president is one of the great curses of American history. When loyalists chant “four more years” at party conventions, it’s almost like they’re hexing their subjects. From George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the disappointing presidential encore has become a dismal tradition. Given this pattern, even the most loyal Obama supporter must wonder whether re-election in 2012 would be worth it.

    A Bad Document’s Good Idea, Disunion by the New York Times

    Disunion is really, really good, by the way. It may be the best reading/writing on the internet.

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    John F. Kennedy in For All Man Kind

    This is taken from a famous speech President Kennedy gave as it appears in the beginning of For All Man Kind, a documentary about first manned flight to the moon.

    I’m posting this for two reasons. The first is because, with the background music and Kennedy’s choice of words, the whole thing sounds a little 1984-ish. The second is because I want to see if any of you recognize the last couple of lines.

    If you can name the song that samples the end of this speech, you and I are the same person.

    Update: See the answer here.

  • Hip-Hop History with Dante Ross


    Great stories from Dante Ross on Old Dirty Bastard, Tribe, Public Enemy, and many more. A must for any old school hip-hop fan.

    I just watched them all. Cool as shit!

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    episode 21 (a gas gas gas) by the memory palace

    A man in black is seen outside people’s windows on the same night they smell a mysterious gas that causes them to loose the use of their legs.

    The Memory Palace (iTunes Link) is a short, 5-6 minute podcast packed with some of the most interesting bits of history you’ll ever hear in your life. It’s one of the best things there ever was, so go to iTunes and get it.

  • I have only two regrets: I didn’t shoot Henry Clay and I didn’t hang John C. Calhoun.

    Andrew Jackson, badass