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    To The Light House (Millionyoung remix) by Memoryhouse

    Just found some new summer nighttime music!

    (via STEREO/PASTE)

  • Best computer game ever!!!

    Best computer game ever!!!

  • Things for iPad

    This commercial looks like it was produced by the guys who make the “there’s an app for that” spots for Apple. Really cool!

    Plus, the iPad redesign looks really gorgeous. I’d like to say there aren’t enough tasks to fill up all that space, but I don’t have any time for that.

    As a side note: I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but the fact that Things is even out for the iPad is mind-blow to me. They have been so slow to introduce notifications on the iPhone version that I never would have thought full fledged iPad version was even in the works.

  • Getting closer… Ironing out some bugs and hooking into Tender for support stuff.

Also… can I get a dribbble invite?

    Getting closer… Ironing out some bugs and hooking into Tender for support stuff.

    Also… can I get a dribbble invite?

  • 403: NUMMI

    This American Life:

    A car plant in Fremont California that might have saved the U.S. car industry. In 1984, General Motors and Toyota opened NUMMI as a joint venture. Toyota showed GM the secrets of its production system: how it made cars of much higher quality and much lower cost than GM achieved. Frank Langfitt explains why GM didn’t learn the lessons – until it was too late.

    This TAL episode should automatically win a pulitzer. It’s one of the best, most informative pieces of journalism I’ve ever taken in.

  • Bobby (via tuftsmania)

    Welp, the world has officially changed. I didn’t think Chat Roulette was a big deal, but I think I changed my mind.

  • Evanescent Encounter, Part 3 from Samurai Champloo

    Hulu is streaming all 28 episodes of Samurai Champloo and I suggest that you watch every single one. I mean, this episode is by far the greatest last episode of all-time, but all the others leading up to it are part of the best television show ever to grace the small screen. Ever!

    This show is so badass, you have to login just watch it.

    If you watch television, or spend any time watching videos online, and you don’t watch this show, then me and you have nothing further to discuss.

    PS: That sound this post is making is the climax of Also sprach Zarathustra.

  • A Haiku

    Oh, uploadify,
    Please work with CodeIgniter.
    You ruined my night.

  • Generic News Report

    "And here’s a lighthouse keeper being beheaded by a laser beam."

    (via lukees)