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    Lofticries by Purity Ring

    Haven’t posted in… a while? This might be worth it though.

  • Joe Action Jackson and the Memphis Tigers! They’re Back!

    Joe Action Jackson and the Memphis Tigers! They’re Back!

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    Same Dream China by Gold Panda

    This new Gold Panda album is the fucking bees knees. Don’t kid yourself. Buy it! We need this dude to save the world.

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    Vanilla Minus by Gold Panda

    Esta me gusta. Yo quiero volver a estar en City Hall de nuevo, y yo realmente se amo Gold Panda.

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    Derezzed by Daft Punk

    Unless you prefer not to party, this is the only bangin’ song off an ok Tron soundtrack. It’s much too short, too.

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    Be With Me (Naughty Max Remix) by Here We Are

    I cannot explain the epicness of the version of this song some dude was spinning the other day… but this remix will do, too.

    (via Tracasseur)

  • The heart goes where the head takes it, and neither cares much about the whereabouts of the feet.

    Dan Gilbert in Wandering Mind Is a Sign of Unhappiness, New York Times

    I think this is 100% true for me. I came to Spain hoping a change of location would be just the thing, but I may as well be alone in a tent somewhere in Antarctica. Nothing really changed.

    Where is my mind?

  • I Just Wana Say…

    I have loved the People Under the Stairs ever since I heard “Yeild” off Or Stay Tuned. Best fucking song ever, btw!

    Anyway… no one in the US I ever mentioned the PUTS to has ever heard of them. It took me coming to fucking Spain to find someone who automatically knew who they were, without question. I mean, I didn’t even ask the girl “Do you know the People Under the Stairs are?”… all I said was I’m a banger, the kind you keep in yo’ disc changer and the girl went “Is that Double K?”. I mean… are you fucking serious. I mean, No. 1: she knows who Double K is; and No. 2: all I said was the mother fuckin’ lyric and she knew who, what, when, where and why…. and you guys think “Yeild” is a sign of caution? Mother fucker, that’s the number one signal you’re about to get fucking down.

    How is it that, in a country where scarfs are accessories, they know more about hip hop than we do in the US? I think that’s why they hate us.

    What the fuck is wrong with you guys?