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    Airflow by Clockwork

    (via Robot Dance Music)

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    1901 (DLID remix) by Phoenix

    I can remix this song, too, you know?

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    Shooting Stars (The White Panda mash) by Eminem vs. Bag Raiders

    Bag Raiders mashups seem pretty popular. Is that a meme? Also… I really like this one.

    (via Indie Shuffle)

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    Fever Rising (Muffin remix) by Them:Youth

    (via Off the Radar)

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    Walking on a Line (Lifelike remix) by Pony Pony Run Run

    Sounds like an anime theme song, kind of.

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    Oh Yeah! (Walter Sobcek remix) by Housse de Racket

    (via Robot Dance Music)

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    Auntie’s Lock / Infinitum (feat. Laura Darlington) by Flying Lotus

    A nice, peaceful song I use when I want to disappear… featuring the wife of Daedelus Darling.

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    Comme des enfants (Le Matos remix) by Couer de Pirate

    One of the top ten reasons to learn French.