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    Black & Blue (Netsky Remix) by Miike Snow

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    Memory Lane by Netsky

    This is the best version I could find of this song, for now, but Netsky just signed with Hospital Records and I am sure a new album is coming soon if it’s not out already.

    Really looking forward to some new drum and bass, especially the inevitable Logistics remixes of the new guy’s tunes.

  • From Memory (Matrix Remix) by Mistabishi

    (via Hospital Records)

  • London Elektricity: Hospital Records Podcast


    As if you missed this but just in case you did… Podcast 100 - Part 1.

    A big thank you to the Hospital Records gang for all their hard work in bringing wonderful D&B onto my iBlower via their amazing podcasts FOR FREE. That’s dedication right there.

    Hospital FTW!

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    25th Floor by DJ Marky and Bungle

    This is one killer drum and bass beat sprinkled with two bad ass breakdowns.

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    Everything Is Under Control (DJ Kentaro remix) by Coldcut

    I don’t really know, but I’m pretty sure Kentaro scratched this beat. He didn’t quantize it… he scratched! Even if he didn’t, he’s still sick! DMC world champ more than once, I think. I should probably know more before I post.

    Check him out.

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    Gold Rush (feat. Brookes Brothers) by Danny Byrd

    I have a feeling not many people listen to drum and bass. I don’t understand that. I mean, if you’re in tune with a hip-hop beat, your body is automatically set up to enjoy the fuck out of drum and bass. It’s probably the most rockin’ genre of music there ever was.

    That makes complete sense to me, but anyway… Danny Byrd. Gold Rush. Dope!

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    Re-Emergence (Beat the Science Remix) by STS9

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    Rock the Casbah (Solar Twins Remix) by The Clash