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    Where We Were (feat. Polina) by Pierce Fulton

    I was driving back from Atlanta at about eight this morning, just cruising and listening to iTunes Radio when this song came on. It got me so pumped I had goosebumps all over, my whole body as tingling and I almost threw up. No joke.

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    Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix) by Lazy Rich (via Dödselectro)

    The first phase is incredible.

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    Derezzed by Daft Punk

    Unless you prefer not to party, this is the only bangin’ song off an ok Tron soundtrack. It’s much too short, too.

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    Be With Me (Naughty Max Remix) by Here We Are

    I cannot explain the epicness of the version of this song some dude was spinning the other day… but this remix will do, too.

    (via Tracasseur)