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  • SRCHR, a Tumblr Search Bookmarklet

    I wrote this bookmarkelt because I often find myself wanting to search a person’s tumblog and more often then not they don’t a have search form somewhere on there blog (like… um.. me).

    This little diddy will allow you to search any tumblog you are currently browsing.

    Please enjoy this ass kicking gift!

    PS: Does anyone have a better name for it?

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    Ringtone: Massage Situation by Flying Lotus

    Do you have an iPhone? Do you need some killer ringtones? I have a made a few for myself and would like to share them with you.

    • Massage Situation
      • This is the beginning of Flying Lotus’ Massage Situation. It’s been my ringtone for a while now. Very impressive when tagging abandoned buildings.
    • The Mamba
      • I made this one from the intro to Death of a Salesman by People Under the Stairs. Fun and exotic. Enjoy during the summer.
    • My Head
      • Another People Under the Stairs intro. This one is from Los Angeles Daze. It’s contemplative, but not enough to leave your phone on during Tosca.
    • Sus Per Coil
      • This ringtone comes from the change up in Daedelus’ I Sent Off II Sus Per Coll (Jogger Remix). If you listen to the whole song and wait for the change, it’s clearly the most bad ass thing ever. Best if used in coffee houses.

    You can download them all here. Hopefully, at least two people who read this will have an iPhone, and at least one of you will use one of these ringtones and think of me every time your phone rings.

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    Guitar with Beat by Me

    So… this just happened. Literally about thirty or forty minutes of work went into this. It’s only a minute long and I don’t have a mic, but my dulcet tones are gentle and soothing.

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    Summer on Cassette by Caural

    It’s 75 degrees here in Memphis, so, in honor of summer, I put together a little playlist of songs that remind me of summer (and usually only get my attention around this time).

    You can download each one by clicking on it or you can download the whole thing here.

    Hurry up while I’m still proud of myself.

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    1901 (Manasto Remix) by Phoenix

    I just remixed the fu** out of Phoenix’s new single. I tested it on six sets of speakers, so it should sound pretty good, might need a little more base though. Enjoy.

    Download: MP3/AIF