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  • Help!

    I can’t open Coda, Transmit, Espresso or CSSEdit without getting some variation of this kernel error:

    NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! exception type = 0xd = GR: SW Notify Error
    00200000 00008597 00000474 00000010
    0000047e 00001458 00028001 0000000a
    00000000 00000000 00000002
    00000010 00000000

    Here’s the visualization of this error:

    I just updated to 10.6.5, but I can’t remember if this happened before the update. It’s gradually been getting worse for a few weeks. If it’s a graphics card thing (or some other hardware issue) it doesn’t make any sense considering I just bought this MacBook Pro less than 4 months ago.

    Whats happening? I really need these programs to work. It’s my livelihood. Somebody let Marco know about this.

    PS: Happy Thanksgiving from Spain! I guess I’ll be spending mine with an Apple Genius, but it’ll be more American than paella so I’m not complaining.

  • Terminal Error

    Mom: Did you just break my computer?
    Me: Huh?
    Mom: All this text... it keeps coming and I think the computer is dying.
    Me: Ohhhh... That's just the Terminal. I told it to compress some of your files.
    Mom: Oh it's terminal alright!
  • Wow! It really is an amazing device.

    Wow! It really is an amazing device.

  • Things for iPad

    This commercial looks like it was produced by the guys who make the “there’s an app for that” spots for Apple. Really cool!

    Plus, the iPad redesign looks really gorgeous. I’d like to say there aren’t enough tasks to fill up all that space, but I don’t have any time for that.

    As a side note: I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but the fact that Things is even out for the iPad is mind-blow to me. They have been so slow to introduce notifications on the iPhone version that I never would have thought full fledged iPad version was even in the works.