• 40 Year Old People

    Co-Worker: Is your internet not working still?
    Me: I told you, mine never stopped working. Something happened to the receptacles in your walls. You can't get internet until we figure out what happened in your office.
    Co-Worker: My email is out, too.
    Me: Yeah, because you don't have any internet.
    Co-Worker: Well what does SMTP error mean?
    Me: Nothing.
    Co-Worker: It doesn't mean nothing. It means something.
    Me: If I tell you what it means, do you think it's going to make a difference?
    Co-Worker: Well, it says my IP address is wrong, too. Maybe if we change that?
    Me: It doesn't matter.
    Co-Worker: What is it? Like 427 Plum Avenue or something?
    Me: Yeah, try that.
    Co-Worker: It's not working.
    Me: Bummer.
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